And is that important?

The mailbox in front of the apartment door was full, just like the mail page on your computer. He didn’t want to take care of anything. Loneliness can be addictive.

On a state-of-the-art computer, you can have the latest model with a mobile phone and unlimited internet package. If you’re not alone, you have nothing. But in an old room, an old cell phone and quota

lived this very closely by himself. Internet? What if he doesn’t know people he doesn’t understand? Can be pessimistic and mistreatment. I prefer to put my quality loneliness on the crowd. He said he had an answer on the Internet.

I was staying at home and I wasn’t sure. Two days ago, maybe three days, not a week. Her hair was oily, beards and fingernails were elongated. The soap was not touching. There was accumulated garbage in the hall.

A complete quarantine situation. Maybe if they die in this situation, you can tell them how dirty you are. Do you care what they say after me?

Was it like this before? He used his bills every day and every day. She always bothered the greasy feeling of her hair. The day can never be done without beard shaving. It would be a little uncomfortable to separate them from bile in certain quotes.

The layout of the house was very popular in comparison with single men. He couldn’t pick up any garbage in his house and wiped him like a housewife in the corner. Iron on clothes and iron over time.

But now he didn’t care about any of the weather. None of this shit and shit was as annoying as it was. He couldn’t find the energy to fix them. And what happened?

That was a nuisance.

Then they slowly began to wipe from the sea. The sun was evaporating, could not go to the bottom of the sea, they were very thin; they were always in the water. And tracks, steam and sky. This time they were on the way to the sea. They reached the sky, filtered through the filter. For a while they walked towards the clouds and walked for a while in the sky.

He didn’t know how much time had passed. All they knew was that they existed. How much, how much? They always existed, always like that, they didn’t know. They threw them into the sky. All they know is what they’re following.

And after a while they started concentrating. They were so cold. They were heavy and fell to the ground. It was raining and it was raining. Their bodies were divided into thousands of raindrops.

He was walking down the street. That was a nuisance. It was getting dark. “I don’t like this twilight, I don’t like it.” It should be either light or dark. My soul is depressed. Air and light deeply affect human psychology. Al, come on. And now it’s raining. What a beautiful summer. He remembered his march on the South Coast, which he said had begun two months ago. How much peace there was in it. Look at the air right now. Wretched.

The man running on the asphalt fell on the asphalt, the wet blood fell on the asphalt or crossed the rest. He left his eyes in the water and continued. The water on the street came down the street.

I’m confused then.

There was a cloudy cloud in the sky. A slight sadness on her face goes away. Why was she upset? What would he miss if he kidnapped him? The wind patted. It took him too far. But nowhere, nothing can go. He was always upset, spoiled spoiled. The wind makes him uncertain. Kah has a male face, a horse and a woman. But there was no shape, no taste. The cloud itself could not live.

I’m confused then. Clouds from Dough. He went with them. He shared a sad feeling. None of them knew what a cloud would miss. Their bodies were like a silent system. Where does a cloud go?

And he tried to listen to the cloud. She’s lived her life again. Little boy flying cheerfully among sunny books. Sky, house, that secret garden. But now that moment, he realized he had a sneaky mouth. He grew up as he grew older. Reduced joy.

The growth of a cloud is the addition of other clouds. Another sadness is the taste of other suffering. The growth of a cloud is the proliferation of a leak.

And it stopped.

There was a man running all the time. One day he met the guy who was on the way. . D Poor guy,, Dow said. “You’re avoiding fear. It’s not called running. In this race, the day you consume is coming. Run to escape and run away with it. He told them. And the running man said: I am already running. I ran and ran. “

The man running this road, everyone thought of running and running. “What about you? Run and run? The guy’s been running for a while. I’m running. I’m running, of course. How many are running (running or running?) Who is passing, not different. .

“No,” said the running man running faster. . I don’t compete with anyone. I’m running for myself. And then when I ran away from his opponent, he said he was somebody else, why don’t you run? Why are you speeding up? That’s how his opponent escaped. I’m not sure I’m afraid to run like that. If I was right, I’d stop. “

And it stopped. And for the first time on the road. And he saw the man standing. He was sitting, watching the way. He was always there. He was going in. But this is the first time he sees this. . It’il be a day to run. Looks like he’s running to stop. But before he runs, he gets up and already gets up. He stood next to him and asked: