Now I remember this question

He was sitting outside the window watching. It was the weight of a grief he couldn’t understand. It seemed like something was waiting. Someone’s coming out of the corner and looking for someone. But there was no one waiting. Of course, no one expected this feeling to be created without loneliness. Both are alone, as stated in his poetry. It was like they would do about it. A thorn-like sense of loneliness was used to distribute itself to the most sensitive places of the human mind, but was left to an annoying habit of time. Laziness was the younger brother of loneliness and it was almost impossible to distinguish these two brothers in some way or otherwise.

He looked out the window and looked into his room. What a messy room and how uncomfortable it was. This type of laziness and fatigue should have been some kind of depression. Even if the solution’s solution is a logical one, narrow the boredom and boredom and feel the boredom. In such moments, man turns his back on his logic and all his beliefs. Neither honesty nor love nor anything else. Loneliness and boredom are not more than that. He’s doing what he wants. Over time, this disturbing condition turns into a chronic disease and the ego feeds on this negativity.

What he said was that the famous psychiatrist made a famous promise to him; people who visit the world are not real. Now remembered this question; Was he one of the real patients or one of the real patients?

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