I’m confused then.

There was a cloudy cloud in the sky. A slight sadness on her face goes away. Why was she upset? What would he miss if he kidnapped him? The wind patted. It took him too far. But nowhere, nothing can go. He was always upset, spoiled spoiled. The wind makes him uncertain. Kah has a male face, a horse and a woman. But there was no shape, no taste. The cloud itself could not live.

I’m confused then. Clouds from Dough. He went with them. He shared a sad feeling. None of them knew what a cloud would miss. Their bodies were like a silent system. Where does a cloud go?

And he tried to listen to the cloud. She’s lived her life again. Little boy flying cheerfully among sunny books. Sky, house, that secret garden. But now that moment, he realized he had a sneaky mouth. He grew up as he grew older. Reduced joy.

The growth of a cloud is the addition of other clouds. Another sadness is the taste of other suffering. The growth of a cloud is the proliferation of a leak.

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