I could not

The man looking for the truth started looking for the truth. A real man is a man who finds the truth. With your hands, your eyes. And these beings have always been and will always exist. Now there is, but then there is always something else. All of us, now there, if so, how does it disappear? Could someone be? “

He thought he was the man who looked for the truth. He thought and said: The truth is, if you have a decision, how do you hold my hand with my hand? Building blocks may exist and exist, but how can we say that they are dispersed and that the extracts are based on each other? Now, the fluctuation of building blocks is a dream. I mean, not everything that’s happening right now. Only himself. But if that’s all, how? Could someone be? “

And he said, right, because there are no other men, no freedom. Free absences, freedoms, deprivations, free eyes. Because you’re one of those wars. You’re a wave. You’re a dream

The facts are going then, he said. “I passed. Can’t you get me anything? Nothing. Can’t you show me something?

I couldn’t, he told the guy who told them. . But it’s his job. You showed him that. Everything that exists exists from nothing and then from nothing, everything. Not after what happened now. Not always. You’re welcome. Nothing. There are no building blocks that leave the scattered whole and create other varieties. This is nothing. No action. “

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