He thought a bit.

There was some kind of collapse. Their spiritual collapse caused daily life to collapse. It is already possible to balance the spirit and the subject from time to time. believed that.

This is a man who has been home for a long time. He may be sad for that, but he’s here now and I’ve failed him. Waiting for outside help was not a logical way.

He knew he cut himself. We will do the closest to the correction. She knew her best friend was having a hard time. So we decided to start clearly and clearly. Of course, it was impossible to correct the air when the house was very dirty. It’s been a day because of these sins.

Yes, it was part of the mood, but not a close part. Then you can start home. The current commander was commander and the other was a soldier. So I think he should do what he says. Because if he thinks he’s going to be depressed again, it’s inevitable.

What about orders and orders? He thought a bit. Of course, he could have prepared a vehicle. So who is this vehicle? Couldn’t be another human. Could be something else. Think simple and think simple; paper and pencil.

He wrote the orders on a piece of paper and gave them as if they had no orders. He took a pen and began to write;

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