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First, my heart is to lower the grief of my heart. My soul bit him. I’m a lost and lost creature.

It was a mystery from the memories of life. What else was out of the vicious circle that led to extinction?

So, I came back on this turn, I contacted him, refreshed my thoughts and urine, I died and finished one afternoon, I couldn’t get into the same body and soul for a second time, a sad throne called the life of thought. A universe full of dead and birth, this universe is a universe,

So, what can I do in a flowing, fluid universe than the extinction of a generation? How can I be

I’m not the one who will die; And I just don’t want to die, I don’t have; I can never be immortal.

I kept attracting my heart as it was.

And I mean, to say, to be, to change, to say

And I realized that change, salt, absence, death, Absolute existence will not always be myself, the universe and its layana.

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