Close your eyes

Of course this result was a beginning. In other words, when I had no reason to wake up one morning, I couldn’t determine that I would be pessimistic about being clean and tidy. This is a negative situation that triggers the situation.
If you know very well, he didn’t want to think because he wanted to forget. But he knew the good things he had to do to get rid of him. Some triggers were necessary.

He also knew that the solution to this negative situation was at the root of the source. This is never a fact. All problems are in the problem. Those who reach the solution know this very well. Most of those who could not reach the solution could not reach a solution without ignoring this fact.

didn’t want to remember what the problem was. Maybe there were things he was afraid to admit to himself, maybe he was hurting. Another option was that these two cases were together.

Despite all this, he wanted to reach a solution. He is knowledgeable about treating himself and going back to his old, organized and clean days. He needed a driving force.

First, he had to analyze the situation and look at the situation analysis. Because he couldn’t analyze without looking from the outside. He managed to get out of this situation for a while. That was a good sign.

He closed his eyes and tried to clarify his idea. He had to revive this troubled person and was a troubled person. The only problem was expected to be problematic. The situation was clear.

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