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Audible is a very popular subscription choice for audio books. Nevertheless, as I studied and conducted interviews, I found that there are even more programs that many  people do not know.

Review Summary: Audible is a great choice if you go back over and over to your favorite audio books and want to create your collection.

FOR :  Audible has the largest collection of audio books accessible by far.

AGAINST : You can’t purchase additional Audible credits – you only get one or two a month, depending on your membership.


Audible is a very popular subscription choice for audio books. Nevertheless, as I studied and conducted interviews, I found that there are even more programs that many people do not know. I think it merits its top spot in the public eye for the most part. It’s basic plan costs $14.95 a month, and you get one credit for an audio book swap. The large selection of books and well-thought-out software are two of the reasons why for the cost it is the best subscription service, as long as you don’t listen to more than one or two audio books a month.

Audible also has a package that comes with just $11.48 per credit for two credits a month. That’s a lot, but you can find yourself spending extra time scouring the website to find the best deal because you only get one or two credits every month.

I chose longer, unabridged books so that for my single credit I could get as much content as possible. Once I picked an audio book to buy, I also shopped a lot longer on Audible than on some other platforms because I didn’t want to feel like I wasted my money on a title I might not love for the month.

Help & Support
Because most audio book subscription services are electronic, good return policies are essential for a business. If you mistakenly buy the wrong one or do not like the title you buy after listening for a while, the best services would allow you to return an audio book. Audible has a Good Listening Guarantee agreement with its customers that allows you to refund an audio book if you don’t end up enjoying it. Although good stores offering unlimited access to their collections, this pledge could help alleviate the guilt of the customer and purchase anxiety.

As part of my testing, I made sure it was easy to make returns to each of the sites I reviewed. With only a few questions about the title I purchased and my account information, Audible removed the book from my library and restored my credit. And, I did the whole thing over live chat.

I think it’s a beautiful product. I would highly recommend it to all of you who liked it.

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