And is that important?

The mailbox in front of the apartment door was full, just like the mail page on your computer. He didn’t want to take care of anything. Loneliness can be addictive.

On a state-of-the-art computer, you can have the latest model with a mobile phone and unlimited internet package. If you’re not alone, you have nothing. But in an old room, an old cell phone and quota

lived this very closely by himself. Internet? What if he doesn’t know people he doesn’t understand? Can be pessimistic and mistreatment. I prefer to put my quality loneliness on the crowd. He said he had an answer on the Internet.

I was staying at home and I wasn’t sure. Two days ago, maybe three days, not a week. Her hair was oily, beards and fingernails were elongated. The soap was not touching. There was accumulated garbage in the hall.

A complete quarantine situation. Maybe if they die in this situation, you can tell them how dirty you are. Do you care what they say after me?

Was it like this before? He used his bills every day and every day. She always bothered the greasy feeling of her hair. The day can never be done without beard shaving. It would be a little uncomfortable to separate them from bile in certain quotes.

The layout of the house was very popular in comparison with single men. He couldn’t pick up any garbage in his house and wiped him like a housewife in the corner. Iron on clothes and iron over time.

But now he didn’t care about any of the weather. None of this shit and shit was as annoying as it was. He couldn’t find the energy to fix them. And what happened?

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